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Hobbyist Membership

What's Included


  • Discounts on travel and live events. IQG members get exclusive discounts on all sponsored travel and live events.
  • Membership in the Quilt Pattern of the Month class. Each month, you’ll receive a pattern for a mini quilt. The patterns may feature a specific tool or ruler, but instructions will always be included for making the quilts using common tools. 
  • Video tutorials, tips, and reviews. Access to video tutorials, tips, and reviews of products. 
  • Business coaching (tips on making money from quilting). If you are interested in making money quilting, I’ll share the best tips for how to do that. 
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted 1:1 business coaching. If you need personal business coaching (e.g., on bookkeeping, building a website or social media presence, marketing, or branding), you’ll be able to purchase discounted coaching.
  • Mystery Quilt-a-Longs. If you love mysteries, you’ll enjoy “playing along” with our mystery quilts. 
  • Virtual quilt classes. As part of your membership, you’ll be able to access four virtual quilt classes a year. You’ll have lifetime access to these classes and can work at your own pace. Classes include video tutorials as well as a dedicated discussion group for help if you need it. You may purchase additional classes at reduced rates.